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David Brown

David Brown, Gold Coast Solicitor

David Brown was admitted as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland in 1978 and specialises in commercial property law as well as estate planning.

David has extensive experience in the sale and purchase of businesses, property development, sale and acquisition of commercial property, commercial leasing, general commercial litigation, and sports law.

He has acted on behalf of purchasers and vendors of many of the major commercial properties in the Gold Coast area and throughout Queensland. He currently represents various property developers and commercial landlords. David has also been involved in a number of commercial Court actions which set legal precedents in the Court of Appeal and the High Court.

Prior to 1986, David practised as a partner in a Brisbane City firm. In that year, he moved to the Gold Coast and joined an established local firm which later became known as Brown & Fowler, and eventually merged with ABKJ in 2000.

"People want a Lawyer who communicates well and who keeps them in the loop - someone they can actually get hold of when they need to - and that's my aim",

"At ABKJ, you won’t find us to be remote or aloof. We are proficient at what we do, but we can relate to our clients and their needs"

"Every law firm says they are 'focussed on outcomes', and of course that’s what people expect. At ABKJ we are a good deal more than that. We achieve those outcomes in close consultation with the client."

"It’s about having that rapport with the client - they know that if they need to reach me, I am going to be there with good practical advice. It’s as much about communication and skills in dealing with people as it is about the law".

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