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ABKJ Lawyers' Areas of Practice

ABKJ Lawyers take instruction in virtually all areas of modern law on the Gold Coast, so our solicitors are able to provide quality legal advice and expertise on a wide range of legal matters.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in a range of legal areas, particularly in matters of commercial and property law. The legal team at ABKJ specialise in the following areas of legal practice:

Property Law

Our Property Lawyers over the years have acted on behalf of purchasers and vendors of many of the major commercial properties in the Gold Coast. We have the skills and experience necessary to provide practical property advice, legal services, and conveyancing for the development, sale, lease, or body corporate matters of either residential or commercial properties

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Body Corporate Law

Over the years our Property Lawyers have been involved in some large, complex disputes. We've acted on behalf of Managers, Body Corporate Committees and individual unit holders. For experienced legal advice in Body Corporate matters such as strata titling, By-Law creation, interpretation and enforcement, dispute resolution, and management rights issues, ABKJ can assist you.

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Conveyancing, also known as Property Law, refers to the process of buying and selling real estate, either residential or commercial. Our qualified Conveyancing Lawyers can handle all related property matters including reviewing the contract and ancillary documents, undertaking all necessary searches, attending to settlement and providing all legal advice related to the purchase or sale of your property.

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Commercial Law

Business and Corporate Law relates to matters including business structuring, contracts, franchising, employment and disputes. ABKJs Business and Commercial Lawyers' extensive experience with both large and small businesses mean we can advise our clients on almost any issue that may arise, whether you're well established or just starting out.

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Commercial Litigation

Disputes can take many forms within a commercial setting. Commercial Litigation embraces a wide variety of business-related disputes. These can include disputes between two parties within the same company, or those with whom you have business dealings

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Intellectual Property

The legal team at ABKJ understand your intellectual property can be a valuable asset, especially in this increasingly digital age. Our commercial lawyers are experienced in matters of intellectual property. Whether you’re an artist, sole trader, small to medium sized business or even a large corporation, we can help protect your intellectual property through trade marks, copyright, representation and litigation when necessary.

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Wills & Estates

Our Wills and Estates team can help you with everything from creating a legally binding Will and contesting a Will, to estate planning and administration. Our lawyers can also provide assistance on how to manage an estate without a Will.

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Estate Litigation

Subject to certain qualifications, Wills and the distribution of estates can be legally challenged. ABKJ's Estate Litigation Lawyers have considerable experience in this field, upholding and challenging wills, as well as facilitating dispute resolution and Will contesting.

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Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney allows you to appoint a trusted individual to act on your behalf if you are unable to act on your own behalf. We can provide you with advice on whether or not a Power of Attorney would benefit your situation, including general or enduring powers of attorney, advice on existing Powers of Attorney, and drafting new documents.

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Family Law

Bringing our broad commercial and litigation expertise to the issues that may confront you, ABKJ's experienced Family Lawyers are equiped with the skills to properly assess your options in regards to separation, children's matters, property and financial issues, Binding Financial Agreements and more. Offering meaningful advice on your rights and obligations, no matter what circumstance you're in.

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Divorce Law

If you're going through a relationship break-down, our experienced family lawyers can offer practical advice tailored to your individual situation. We understand this is a difficult time for you and your family, and for this reason ABKJ is committed to helping you through this process to achieve a positive outcome.

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Disputes can take many forms, from the most serious to the seemingly trivial. Whether your dispute has reached the stage of litigation or not, our Litigation Lawyers can offer advice and assistance, not only by understanding your point of view, but by bringing new perspectives based on years of experience and rational assessment of the benefits and risks involved.

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Notary Public Services

A Notary Public, or Notary, is a public officer appointed for life by an English Archbishop and given statutory powers to administer oaths and perform a range of national and international functions such as witnessing documents like Wills, Deeds and Affidavits.

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Sports Law

The sporting world operates differently to the commercial world, so whether you’re an amateur player, competitive athlete, sporting club, Sports Corporation or national sporting body, you need a lawyer with industry knowledge and experience in Australian sports law.  We specialise in a range of areas relating to sports law including contracts, advice, and litigation.

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Other areas of Law

Whilst ABKJ Lawyers may not have listed a particular area of law on this website, that does not mean we don't have experience or provide assistance in the required area of law. We are a large enough firm to source expertise in various areas. We encourage you to ask about our services in the areas of law you require assistance if they do not appear on this website. We also cover court representation, intellectual property law, elder law issues, and much, much more.

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