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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Law is a complex area of law and was formulated to protect owners of Intellectual Property and to ensure they had exclusive rights to the use of their property. What is Intellectual Property Intellectual Property (IP) is a broad term referring to creations of the mind or proprietary knowledge. It can come in many forms with some of the most common being; inventions, designs, methods, literary, artistic works and symbols, names and images used in commerce. The basis behind the development of Intellectual Property Law is that products of the human intellect should be provided with the same… Continue Reading

illegal downloading

Dallas Buyers Club LLC & Voltage Pictures LLC v iiNet Limited & Ors [2015] Recently the Federal Court of Australia made orders to the effect that Internet Service Providers (“ISPs”) must disclose to two American companies the names and residential addresses of the Australian account holders whose IP addresses had been identified as having shared the film, ‘Dallas Buyers Club’. An ‘IP address’ is a unique identifier assigned to a device (i.e. computer, iPad, etc) participating in the internet network. The case was brought by Dallas Buyers Club LLC (“DBC”), a subsidiary of Voltage Pictures LCC (who were ultimately joined… Continue Reading

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