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What is Conveyancing?

If you're looking to buy or sell your home or property in Queensland, you're bound to have heard the term 'conveyancing' by now. Real estate conveyancing is an area of Property Law and is the legal process of buying and selling real estate.

Why do I need a Conveyancing Lawyer?

Conveyancing is an adversarial legal process; it's you versus everyone else involved in the transaction. If you make a mistake when you're buying or selling real estate and it can be costly, but get your property conveyancing done correctly from day one and you'll have a clear understanding and protection of all your rights in the transaction. 

In a world where conveyancing companies offer cut-price solutions, getting an experienced conveyancer to work on your behalf could end up being one of the most cost-effective real estate decisions you ever make. Additionally, if the transaction turns into a dispute, you will have the comfort of knowing that our litigation department is ready to enforce your rights with the skill that comes from years of conveyancing experience.

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ABKJ's Conveyancing Queensland

ABKJ's Conveyancing Team have a wealth of experience and will provide a professional service that is personal to you. Based at Southport, Gold Coast, we can assist with property conveyancing all throughout Queensland.

Conveyancing Costs

We offer competitive rates on all fixed conveyancing fees on the Gold Coast. But what does that mean for clients in terms of value for money? At ABKJ Lawyers, our conveyancing service includes: 

  • No obligation free quotes;
  • Conveyancing quotes are fixed fees, so there are no unexpected surprises;
  • Free review and comprehensive advice of REIQ/ADL Contracts including recommendations for any issues which we feel will safeguard our clients’ interests. For example, ensuring Body Corporate Disclosure Statements are completed using the appropriate form. Failure to include the appropriate form in the contract will enable a Buyer to terminate the contract at any time up to the settlement date;
  • Guarantee that we will speak with clients in person, via email or over the telephone with a 24-hour return phone call and email policy;
  • Ensuring client communication is a priority so that you are kept informed every step of the way by providing a friendly and supportive service, informing clients of their obligations at every stage, providing reminders for upcoming contract conditions and regularly keeping clients updated on the status of their transaction and when settlement is effected;
  • Ensuring we accommodate our clients as much as possible including depositing settlement proceeds into a client’s nominated account as soon as practicable following settlement and delivering keys to real estate agents;
  • Expertise in negotiating contract amendments and seeking extensions of time;
  • Expertise in liaising with financiers, banks and mortgage brokers to ensure your finance is ready to proceed on time;
  • Expertise in stamp duty legislation so we can ensure you receive any concessions you may be entitled to;
  • Ensuring that your file does not stop at settlement but that it remains open until the property has been formally transferred and any outstanding issues have been resolved; and
  • Providing immediate legal advice from a solicitor in the firm if an issue arises which requires specialist attention.

ABKJ's Conveyancing Team

Nielan Lesko -  Conveyancing Manager

Nielan Lesko has over 20 years’ experience in the conveyancing industry in Queensland. Employed by ABKJ Lawyers in 2008 as Manager she is one of the longest-serving employees of the firm. Her experience, skills and customer service ability are exemplary thereby ensuring ABKJ Lawyers always provides superior service.  

Nielan is the driving force behind the ABKJ Conveyancing Team. With her attention to detail, her immediate grasp of relevant issues and a desire to ensure ABKJ Lawyers provides the best customer service on the Gold Coast, Nielan leads a team that is second-to-none in the field of conveyancing. Bolstered by an open office environment that ensures her team can freely discuss conveyancing issues at any time, Nielan oversees a team that ensures each and every client receives the best possible advice at all times.

With her wealth of experience, Nielan has the ability to assist a wide array of clients with both residential and commercial conveyancing, off-the-plan conveyancing and contract preparation, timeshare sales or purchases and has knowledge of leasing, tenancy, and deceased estates so far as they relate to conveyancing. Nielan also has a working knowledge of the Duties Act, the Body Corporate & Community Management Act, the Property Law Act, and the Land Title Act. 

Amber Page - Conveyancing Paralegal

Amber Page has over 15 years of experience and is highly skilled in handling residential conveyancing transactions. Her wealth of knowledge and attention to detail provides a streamlined and professional conveyancing service, bringing friendly and helpful advice to all clients to ensure a smooth transfer of property transactions.

Why Choose Us For Conveyancing?

At ABKJ Lawyers on the Gold Coast, we understand that selling or purchasing a property can be stressful. It is our goal to reduce that stress by providing a comprehensive service for a competitive price. We understand that as a client, you want to be regularly informed and properly represented should an issue arise. 

Not only will our Conveyancing Team ensure you feel like you are their only client, they have the capacity to act promptly and resolve issues as they arise to ensure your transaction achieves a settlement as smoothly as possible.

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Our firm is also registered and experienced in completing conveyancing by PEXA, which is an online settlement process. This process although new to Queensland can be used to settle matters without the need for parties to meet and exchange documents and bank cheques. The process is completed electronically which means for a Seller your funds are distributed more quickly and for purchasers your property title is in your name sooner.

Please call on 07 5532 3199 or simply contact us online to obtain an obligation-free conveyancing quote for your property transaction.