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ABKJ Lawyers has been providing legal advice and guidance in matters concerning Family Law since the commencement of the practice in 1970. We enjoy a reputation amongst our clients for providing high-quality, practical advice, which can only be borne out of years of experience.

Specialists in Family Law Matters

  • Fully qualified family lawyers with both legal and real-world experience
  • Genuine concern, care, and understanding of your individual circumstances
  • Honest advice, realistic expectations
  • Compassionate, friendly, and professional service
  • Dedication to helping you secure your future

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Family Lawyers Gold Coast

We understand that the breakdown of a relationship can be one of the most difficult experiences in life.  Regardless of the reasons why a relationship ended, separation can cause significant disruption to normal routines, living arrangements, financial security and connection with family and friends.

We're on your side

Our family lawyers are here to provide you with individualised and practical advice, specific to your needs.

Preservation of harmony and co-operation between parties, particularly where children are involved, is a priority. We work hard to resolve our client’s family law matters by agreement, thus avoiding the need for litigation. 

However, in circumstances where Court proceedings are necessary, our lawyers are well-qualified to provide you with robust representation throughout this process.

Our Point of Difference

Unlike firms that practice solely in Family Law, the team at ABKJ Lawyers has a wealth of experience across a number of areas of law, including commercial and litigation matters.

In circumstances where broader legal issues may confront you, we are confident that the depth of our skills in these areas equip us to provide you with the comprehensive guide that you need to properly assess your options.

Family Law Issues

ABKJ Lawyers provides a broad range of quality family law services, as follows:

Parenting Matters

We specialize in assisting mothers, fathers, grandparents, and significant others to work through their parenting disputes in a child-focused, respectful manner.

Our depth of experience across a comprehensive range of parenting matters will ensure you receive well-informed, insightful advice, tailored to your specific needs.

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Property & Financial Matters

During your marriage or de facto relationship, it is likely that you acquired assets and financial resources with your partner, whilst also managing liabilities and debt. Upon separation, it becomes necessary to navigate a division of these collective assets and liabilities. 

Our Family Law Solicitors provide specialised advice, assistance, and advocacy in the following areas of property matters (family law) and financial matters.

Divorce Lawyers

Have you separated or are planning on applying for a divorce? Our experienced team of Gold Coast family lawyers can assist you with any family law matters arising out of your separation.

Our divorce lawyers will provide you with practical legal advice about your rights, obligations and entitlements in relation to separation / divorce.

Domestic & Family Violence

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