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Family Law Mediation

Litigation can be not only lengthy and expensive but enormously stressful - regardless of which area of law your conflict is positioned. Avoid protracted litigation and unnecessary stress by taking control of your own resolution and contact ABKJ for a free no obligation chat about how you can mediate your family law matter without having to deal with lawyers.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is the process where parties resolve their conflict with the assistance of a third party - the Mediator. At ABKJ, our resident Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner offers an impartial approach in facilitating mediation conferences and assists parties in reaching a negotiated outcome that both parties can live with. Read more about the alternatives to court in relation to Family Law.

The Mediation Process

Firstly, both parties need to be in agreement to mediate on a genuine basis and in good faith. Once the mediator has met with both parties separately and identified the issues to be resolved a mediation is scheduled. A mediation can take anywhere from 4 hours to an entire day and at ABKJ we have the venue to facilitate this no matter how complex the matter.

At ABKJ all family law matters are conducted in such a way that each party has their own private space throughout the mediation so they may confer with their lawyer or other support person.

Once the mediation is completed and an agreement is reached, the parties will enter into either Consent Orders, a Parenting Plan or a Binding Financial Agreement, depending on the nature of the issues. ABKJ’s mediator is also a Family Lawyer who is experienced in converting the party’s agreement into a legal document for a fixed fee. 

Learn about the advantages of mediation in family law matters here. 

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In the event you are unable to reach a negotiated agreement during mediation, our resident Family Law Mediator is authorised to issue a 60i certificate to enable you to litigate your matter in the Family Court or the Federal Circuit Court of Australia.

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