Intellectual Property Law at ABKJ

Intellectual Property refers to the ownership you may have over intangible assets that are the creations of your mental labour. Your intellectual property could include music or artwork you have created, content you have written, logos, product designs, business names and more.

Intellectual Property Law deals with protecting your intellectual property, from trademarks and copyright to litigation.

Intellectual Property Lawyers Gold Coast

At ABKJ we understand your intellectual property can be a valuable asset, especially in this increasingly digital age. Our commercial lawyers on the Gold Coast are experienced in matters of intellectual property law with an emphasis on commercial IP matters.

Whether you operate as an artist, sole trader, small to medium-sized business, or even large corporations, we can help protect your intellectual property through trademarks, copyright, representation and even litigation where necessary.

ABKJ Lawyers offer the following Intellectual Property services;

  • Advice regarding rights to your intellectual property
  • Trademark applications
  • Copyright
  • Licencing issues
  • Business names and domain names
  • Intellectual Property protection in commercial and franchise contracts
  • Intellectual Property dispute resolution and litigation

If you're looking for an experienced Gold Coast intellectual property lawyer, contact ABKJ.