Litigation Lawyers Gold Coast

Disputes can take many forms.

They can be about the performance or interpretation of a commercial contract, a failure to pay a debt, or about a neighbour's barking dog. They can begin with splits at the board table or harsh words at a Christmas party.

Whether your dispute has reached the stage of litigation or not, ABKJ's litigation lawyers can assist you to manage and resolve it by not only understanding your point of view, but by bringing a new perspective based on experience, common sense and a rational assessment of risk.

ABKJ's Three Step Approach

We adopt a simple three-step approach, whatever the nature of your dispute:

  1. We help you to determine what's really at stake – whether that means turning a mountain back into a molehill or revealing a wolf in sheep's clothing. We believe you should have a realistic, considered position about your dispute and your chances of success as early as possible in the process.
  2. We help you develop options and strategies to move forward. This involves anticipating the way the dispute might unfold and developing ways that the strength of your position remains intact, with as few surprises as possible.
  3. We implement the plan that's been put in place. That might mean adopting an aggressive, “see you in court” approach or a more conciliatory one, depending on the circumstances. By this stage, we aim for you to be fully informed, strong in your position and confident in going forward.

Litigation & Disputes Lawyers Gold Coast

Our lawyers have successfully used this approach for their entire careers. They will always look to achieve a successful outcome. Years of experience mean that if the going gets tough, you're in the hands of highly skilled advocates who will argue your case without a backward step.

Our team deal with a wide range of litigation & disputes matters, including;

  • Commercial Litigation
  • Partnership Disputes
  • Commercial Disputes including debt recovery and insolvency issues
  • Defamation Litigation
  • Intellectual Property Disputes
  • Company Disputes including Director & Shareholder Disputes
  • Estate Disputes including contests as to the validity of a will and claims by beneficiaries to better provision from the estate.

Whether you're facing a dispute that may escalate, your looking at an out of court settlement or a court litigation matter, our team has the experience to provide you with qualified advice and representation.

Contact ABKJ today to discuss your litigation matter.