Nielan Lesko

Nielan Lesko | Conveyancing Manager

Nielan Lesko has over 20 years’ experience in the conveyancing industry in Queensland. Employed by ABKJ Lawyers in 2008 as Manager she is one of the longest-serving employees of the firm. Her experience, skills and customer service ability are exemplary thereby ensuring ABKJ Lawyers always provides superior service.  

Nielan is the driving force behind the ABKJ Conveyancing Team. Whilst managing her own files, Nielan oversees the work undertaken by Amber Page and Nicole Holland. With her attention to detail, her immediate grasp of relevant issues and a desire to ensure ABKJ Lawyers provides the best customer service on the Gold Coast, Nielan leads a team that is second-to-none in the field of conveyancing. Bolstered by an open office environment which ensures her team can freely discuss conveyancing issues at any time, Nielan oversees a team which ensures each and every client receives the best possible advice at all times.

With her wealth of experience, Nielan has the ability to assist a wide array of clients with both residential and commercial conveyancing, off-the-plan conveyancing and contract preparation, timeshare sales or purchases and has knowledge of leasing, tenancy and deceased estates so far as they relate to conveyancing. Nielan also has a working knowledge of the Duties Act, the Body Corporate & Community Management Act, the Property Law Act and the Land Title Act.

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