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Parenting Orders For Christmas
26 Oct

Parenting Orders & Christmas

Are you separated and looking to spend time with your children this Christmas?

If you don’t already have Parenting Orders in place which deal with how your children will spend time with you over Christmas, then you need to read this.

Christmas is a time of joy where we stop and enjoy the precious time we have to spend with our family. When parties separate, reaching agreement on how the children spend time with each parent over the Christmas period can sometimes be difficult. If it is a contentious issue for you and if you have not already obtained Orders of the Court with respect to how your children will spend time with you this Christmas then you must act before Friday 9th November 2018.

The Family Court and Federal Circuit Court of Australia often have an influx of applications before them seeking assistance from the judiciary with respect to where the children live and how they spend time with the other parent over the Christmas school break. Rule 5.01A of the Family Law Rules provides that any applications seeking that children spend time with a parent during this time must file their application “before 4pm on the second Friday of November”.

So if you are hoping to spend time with your children this Christmas and you don’t have Orders which ensure the children spend time with you, then you must file your application with the Courts before 4pm on Friday the 9th November 2018.

If you would like to discuss how ABKJ Lawyers can help in these circumstances, please contact our office as a priority on (07) 5532 3199.

We have also listed some FAQs on children’s matters in Family Law. Our family lawyers are experienced in these matters and will be able to provide sound advice in regards to your family situation following separation.

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