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Commercial Litigation

Disputes can take many forms within a commercial setting. The broad area of Court proceedings which is generally referred to as Commercial Litigation embraces a wide variety of disputes. These can include disputes between two parties within the same company, or those with whom you have business dealings; some of which are as follows:

Types of Commercial Disputes

  • Partnership disputes and disputes between shareholders in a private company;
  • Contract disputes between buyers and sellers of residential and commercial property;
  • Business disputes between parties as to their respective obligations under commercial contracts;
  • Disputes between a property owner and their mortgagee;
  • Enforcement of intellectual property rights associated with patents, trademarks and registered designs;
  • Employment disputes between employers and employees;
  • Contractual disputes between bodies corporate and caretakers, letting agents or strata managers;
  • Disputes between a lot owner and their body corporate;
  • Pursuing recovery of debts against individuals and corporations and defending such claims;
  • Representing parties to disputes with regulatory authorities such as ASIC and the Office of Fair Trading.

Resolving Disputes

This firm has many years of experience in resolving disputes of a commercial nature, often without the necessity to resort to litigation but, where all else fails, we have conducted successful litigation on behalf of clients through all court jurisdictions up to the appellate courts, and the High Court of Australia. 

The firm applies the skills which it has developed in these areas to achieve the best possible results for its clients, in the most cost-effective manner.  Balancing the significant costs which are always associated with Court litigation against the client’s achievable outcomes is an important part of that process. 

We would be pleased to have the opportunity to discuss any requirements which you may have in this area of the law and explain how we may be able to assist you to achieve better outcomes.

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