Court proceedings concerning children and parenting matters

When disputes involving parenting arrangements for children arise, we are committed to assisting our clients to maintain, as best possible, a positive co-parenting relationship with the other parent, which is child focused, and promotes the best interests of the children.

Unfortunately, however, in circumstances where parental conflict is high, and communication is strained, this is not always possible.

Parenting Disputes

If it becomes apparent that a parenting dispute is incapable of an amicable resolution, and a judicial determination may ultimately be required, we will provide you with considered advice and guidance as to the process of litigation, and whether this option is an appropriate next step for you.

Where Court proceedings are necessary, we will assist you every step of the way throughout the litigation process, whether that is applying for or responding to court proceedings.

Our experienced family lawyers will prepare all required Court documents in close consultation with you and will ensure robust advocacy throughout your Court proceedings.  

How We Can Help

Our family lawyers are confident and experienced advocates in all stages of Court proceedings. We understand that litigation is generally a source of tremendous stress for all parties involved.

As the legal representative for our clients, we maintain a calm, respectful and professional approach throughout Court proceedings.

We are committed to achieving child focused outcomes, which honour the best interests of your children and protect your relationship with the most precious people in your life.

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